Baby Boy Socks That Look Like Shoes 12 Pairs Non Slip Grip Ankle Socks Momcozy Baby Toddler Socks



Non Slip Toddler Socks: With non-slip grip on baby sock heels and balls of the feet, to support toddler more easy to scoot, crawl, walk or run on floors. Increase toddler’s confidence and interest on toddle.

Grip Ankle Infants Socks: With grip ankle tabs on socks. The cushion above the ankle can effectively protect your baby’s skin, prevent it from being worn by the edge of the shoe, and help you easily put on the toddler socks for your baby.

Comfortable and Breathable: We take 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% elastic band. Cotton is soft and breathable. Spandex has excellent elasticity. Elastic band provide better tenacity. Made this pair of soft and comfortable baby toddler socks.

More Fits Baby’s Feet: An elastic band is added in the middle of our socks, which can make the socks fit snugly on the baby’s feet. Don’t worry about your baby drops socks while walking.

Healthy Growth Tips: There is generally a burning desire to try to walk after the baby is born 9 months. It’s the golden time for the baby to learn to walk. Parents should take this time to help the baby learn to walk smoothly.

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