ser Socks, Opaque Stretchy Nylon Knee High, Many Colors, 6 or 12 Pairs at Amazon Women??s Clothing store




100% Nylon

A STAPLE IN EVERY WOMAN??S WARDROBE: Choose from a variety of colors including black, coffee, beige, charcoal gray, white, and off-white. Or if you want a little bit of everything to switch it up from day to day, get the assortment! Each pack includes 6 pairs of opaque knee high socks suitable for most occasions including both formal and casual.

STRETCHY RELAXED FIT: Features a comfort stretchy texture for a relaxed fit. The smooth and breathable surface allows for wear throughout a day??s wear. Perfect for wearing with heels, pumps, shoes, flats, and more. Whether wearing for work, casually, to a date, a night out with the girls, and more, the 6 pack ensures that you have socks throughout the week.

SILKY SOFT LUXURY: Slip your feet and legs into silky soft feminine legwear.The non-abrasive and soft surface keeps your legs comfortable all day long! A great addition to most outfits, these thinner socks allow your legs to breathe while keeping you classy. Compliment your outfits with different colored socks.

STYLISH, CHIC, AND COMFY: Features a stay up top designed to stay up on your calves without the discomfort of a tight band. Treat yourself to these women??s dress socks, or as a gift to a friend, loved one, or family member. Perfect for all season wear. Made with durable nylon.

TROUSER SOCKS: Sock size 9-11 will fit women??s shoe sizes 4-10.5 (US) – One size fits most. Made with 100% nylon. At the medium where affordability meets quality. Each pack includes 6 pairs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order or the product, feel free to reach out! **30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If any issue arises within 30 days of purchase or your socks accidentally get damaged, contact us and we will reimburse you or replace the product! **

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6 Pairs Coffee, 6 Pairs Assorted #4, 6 Pairs Pink, 6 Pairs White, 6 Pairs Navy Blue, 6 Pairs Cream, 12 Pairs Assorted #2, 12 Pairs Black, 6 Pairs Assorted #2, 12 Pairs Assorted #1, 6 Pairs Assorted #1, 6 Pairs Black, 6 Pairs Silver, 6 Pairs Beige



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