Shocked Toddler Neoprene and Mesh Water Beach Shoe



HEAD TO THE BEACH! It’s hot out and the kids want to go where water is. Protect their feet from hot sand, concrete or rocks, and plunge right on in with these slipper-like water shoes WATER BABIES REJOICE: Get ready for aquatic romping and frolicking. These water shoes are soft, flex with your feet and sport a tough protective sole Take them to the beach, the pool, water park, fountain, or just splash in the rain BUSY PARENTS REJOICE: Whether your little one’s dressing themselves or you’re still helping them, it’s nice to have a pair of shoes for wiggly kids that they can slip easily into, just like pulling on a sock. The drawstring cord snugs the opening nice and close to keep them firmly on frisky feet CLIMBING OR SWIMMING OR JUST SPLASHING: These aqua socks let your child play without peril to their toes. Parents will breathe a lot easier knowing their children’s’ feet are protected AS COMFORTABLE AS GOING BAREFOOT : Only with protection against rocks, sharp objects and hot surfaces. The sturdy soles, with a nice prominent tread for grip while walking, a soft sock like upper and a drawstring cord for secure fit, all combine for a shoe your child won’t want to take off


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