Yacht & Smith Mens and Womens Thermal Winter Socks, Warm Cold Resistant Bulk Pack: Clothing




MENS & WOMENS WINTER THERMAL SOCKS: The perfect pair to help you get through the winter this season, these thermal socks are thicker than your typical pair of socks . Great for the commute to work, going out with friends, or simply wearing at home.Great for wearing with your favorite pair of boots. Ideal for men who love winter sports or work outdoors.The cushioned design offers additional comfort for those long winter days

INSULATED TO RETAIN BODY HEAT: The top band ensures that your sock does not slide down. It also helps to insulate body heat keep and keep the cold air from reaching inside. Keeps body heat close to the body ,ideal for activities including working, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, winter fun.

WHOLESALE BULK BUY: Pack sizes available from 12 to 180 Pairs. Enjoy shopping for bulk discounted prices and get more pairs of socks for your money. have a charity in mind ? Consider donating these warm winter socks for a charity of your choice. Dark color warm winter thermal socks is the most essential part of apparel needed to keep warm during the cold winter season.

SOCK DETAILS: Sock size 9-11 will fit women??s shoe sizes 6-10.5. Sock size 10-13 will fit men??s shoe sizes 8-12. 70% Acrylic 25% Polyester 5% Spandex Machine wash cold and tumble dry

WHAT MATTERS: Cold resistant, premium quality, soft, non-binding, keeps your feet dry, wicks away moisture, heavy cushion, terry lining

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60 Pairs (Womens) 9-11, 60 Pairs (Mens) 10-13, 72 Pairs (Womens) 9-11, 48 Pairs (Mens) 10-13, 72 Pairs (Mens) 10-13, 48 Pairs (Womens) 9-11



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